Here is where you can download all of Darin’s music on mp3 for FREE.  We trust that they will bless you as you listen, and if you have any difficulty with the download, please just email.  We are happy to help.

To download these, right click on each song title and choose “save link as…” to save them to your hard drive.  If you have any problems, please email me and I will get back to you, even if it takes a little while!

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Christian Music Artist One Life

Songs From the Album One Life

1. Amazing Love

2. One Life

3. All for You

4. Your Truth Has Set Me Free

5. Undivided Heart

6. Undercover Christian

7. Trout Creek

8. No Waves on the Lake of Fire

9. Truly

10. I Am Amazed

11. Face to Face

12. Star

13. Such a Time As This

14. I Will Trust in You

Christian Music Artist Shine CD Cover

Songs From the Album Shine

1. One in the Arms of the Lord

2. By Your Grace

3. At the Feet of Jesus

4. No One Else

5. Shadow of Your Wings

6. I’m Always There (I Have Been From the Start)

7. I Wanna Love You, Jesus

8. Precious

9. Holy Lamb of God

10. At Your Feet

11. Here I Am

12. Servant

13. Shine

Christian music artist The Journey CD Cover

Songs from the compilation album The Journey

1. Heaven in My Heart

2. Harvest

3. Southern Cross

4. Eagle’s Wings

5. Don’t Look Now (The Pew’s getting Hot)

6. Put Your Angels ‘Round My Baby

7. Your Daddy Wants You Home

8. Wasted Years

9. Christmas Rapping

10. Funky Christian

11. Princess

12. Trophy of My Grace

13. White Hot Passion

14. When I Survey

15. Holy, Holy, Holy

Christian Music Artist White Hot

Additional songs from the album White Hot Passion

1. Jesus is My Hero

2. I Fall In Love With You Again

3. I’m Gonna Build

4. Why Don’t You Listen to Jesus

5. Our Blood is on Your Hands

6. My Dad’s Better (Than a Ninja Turtle)

Christian Music Artist Eagle's Wings Additional songs from the album Eagle’s Wings 1. Step By Step2. He’s So Good To Me3. What Would Jesus Do4. All Things

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