I’m sitting in the airport in Singapore reflecting on an amazing weekend of christian music ministry and preaching that we have just enjoyed in Northeast India.  Bill Newman, myself and a small team traveled to Tura, a town in western Megalaya near the Bangladesh border for a weekend of Crusade Ministry, and we have absolute blast!

A Long Way For Christian Music Ministry!

Christian Music Ministry at Tura

To say that the trip to Meghalaya for christian music ministry was long one is an understatement, as we have to travel from Brisbane to Singapore, then Mumbai, then Kolkata, followed by Guwahati.  and that was just the plane trip, because when we arrived at Guwahati we faced a five hour trip on the winding mountain roads shoved in the back of a van.  Never have I been so thankful for travel sickness pills!  And so after two full days of constant travel, we arrived just one hour before our first meeting, which was to be held in a large open area arena.

Christian Music Ministry… on Fire!

Each night the reader was filled with between 8000 and 10,000 people, with hundreds lining the streets outside and in the houses around the stadium, all of whom could hear everything that was spoken and sung clearly through the massive PA.  We’re absolutely thrilled to see thousands forward from the very first night, many receiving Christ for the first time.  The revival fires that have blazed for some years interstate continue to burn brightly!Christian Music Ministry at Tura

Speaking about burning, the Saturday night provided me with a pyrotechnic display in the middle of one song that I will not quickly forget (Always wanted to be a christian music ministry on fire, but this was ridiculous!)  As I was singing, I noticed the front of the stage began to flicker, as if someone had turned on a very bright light.  This was followed by a huge puff of smoke and explosion, and it turned out that the intensity of my song had somehow blown up in a power board.  This is the first time in a while that I’ve actually blown anything up, but the effect was really quite spectacular except that we lost all lights and power for a period of about 10 minutes.  Nevertheless, power was restored, the gospel preached and once again thousands responded to the gospel.

It’s a  Privilege to Share Christian Music Ministry at Tura

Christian Music Ministry at TuraDuring the course of the weekend we made many friends and had a wonderful time of fellowship with people of Tura.  Not only was the proclaimed in word and song, but we saw thousands respond and the leadership is excited because they feel that this will impact the community for many years to come.

I really desire to see  my christian music ministry not just being about playing music, but seeing people touched and changed through the ministry.  If I can sing and prepare the way for a guy like Bill Newman to preach and yield such a brilliant result, I am happy.  It was worth the long, long trip (and the trip home was nearly 3 days!!!)

This is what Christian music ministry is all about: singing and preaching under the anointing of the Holy Spirit to see lives transformed and communities changed forever!