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Darin and Fiona

Hi, I’m Pastor Darin Browne, and I have a busy life.

As the Musical Director of Bill Newman International I have sung and ministered all around the world to huge crowds, from Australia to the US, from Africa to Europe, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and beyond.

I have recorded 8 albums, including my top-selling album of Hymns. There are free mp3s you can download here for free.

I’m the senior pastor of Ignite Christian Church on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, a vibrant, Bible-based ACC community church which is active in reaching its local community and beyond.

I’m also a writer and author, and there are free ebooks to download on this website.

Oh, and in my spare time I still practice Behavioural Optometry and have a practice in Palmwoods where I care for hundreds of children with learning problems, dyslexia and short-sightedness.

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Filmed on location in the middle of a market in North East India!

This Beautiful Hymn Filmed Across India to Huge Crowds


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