About Darin Browne

Pastor Darin Browne is the senior pastor at Ignite Christian Church, and has bee the music dir3ctor for Bill Newman International for over 20 years.

Darin as a Musician

Darin has been recording music for many years, starting way back in the days of cassettes!
He has recorded many albums and has now released all of his music for free on this website.
There are no strings attached, and he is keen to see people blessed by his music… so please, download as much as you want!

Darin as a Pastor

Darin became an Australian Christian Church pastor in 2015. He is the senior pastor of Ignite Christian Church on the Sunshine Coast, and this church is a thriving, vibrant church growing rapidly and sharing the gospel across their area, and across the world.

Darin as an Optometrist

Darin has practiced optometry for more than 30 years and has specialised in Behavioural Optometry, which sees him examining and helping many children, especially those with learning problems and dyslexia.